Justin Bieber in 16 years working on new album without Scooter Braun

Justin Bieber has not talked to Scooter Braun, talent manager, in months

By Maryland Hargreaves August 23, 2023
Justin Bieber in 16 years working on new album without Scooter Braun
Justin Bieber in 16 years working on new album without Scooter Braun

Justin Bieber is writing music for the first time in 16 years without Scooter Braun by his side according to People magazine.

Multiple insiders tell the outlet that Braun, 42, and Bieber, 29, haven't communicated in almost a year, despite the source's claim that Bieber, 29, is "still managed" by Braun.

"Justin's been working on his new record for the last six months. Scooter and SB Projects have not set up one session or done one thing for this [new] record," says the source. "The relationship with Scooter has run its course."

After collaborating with Braun for ten years, Ariana Grande and Braun announced their separation on Tuesday, according to a source.

"They are friendly but she's outgrown him and is excited to go in a different direction," said a source close to the situation. "Yes, there are negotiations happening because of contracts. But this is her choice. It's time for something new."

The information was released one day after the outlet reported that Demi Lovato had recently severed her four-year professional relationship with the talent manager.

However, a source familiar with the situation in the music industry said that "all of Scooter Braun's clients are under contract and negotiations have been going on for several months as Scooter steps into his larger role as HYBE America CEO," adding that "People are spreading rumors based on what they know, but they are off. Scooter’s team at SB Projects are still handling both Justin and Ariana as they work through what this new structure looks like."

When Braun, a music manager, and businessman, found Bieber on YouTube at age 13, he signed him.

By a 2010 New York Times report, Braun, who was 28 at the time, located Bieber after contacting his school and making phone calls to board members to talk with his mother.

Eventually, Bieber had a meeting with Braun and joined Raymond Braun Media Group, the record company Braun co-founded with Usher.

Braun discussed managing the pop artist in a 2012 interview with Complex.

"We have a very different bond. The common misconception — because I’m 13 years older than him — is that it’s a little brother. It’s more like an uncle or a dad. I kind of realized it being on the road with Justin’s mom. She’s not a disciplinarian, and he needed that person in his life," he told the outlet.