August 22, 2023


Britney Spears' 'Once Upon A One More Time' to close after 2 months

Britney Spears' Jukebox Musical shutters on Broadway

By Ellen James August 22, 2023
Britney Spears-inspired musical Once Upon A One More Time ends Broadway run.
Britney Spears-inspired musical 'Once Upon A One More Time' ends Broadway run.

The curtains are closing on Broadway's "Once Upon A One More Time," a jukebox musical featuring Britney Spears' chart-toppers, after a relatively short run of just two months. 

Final performance is scheduled to take place at the Marquis Theatre on September 3, marking the end of an era that began with preview performances in mid-May. The musical officially opened on June 22.

This production had Britney Spears' seal of approval, with the pop icon herself contributing to the musical's early themes. 

Britney Spears solidified her support by signing an underlying rights agreement for the show, marking one of her first deals since her conservatorship concluded after a 13-year span.

However, in recent weeks, "Once Upon A One More Time" faced challenges in filling seats, with audience capacity hovering around 50% within the last seven weeks, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter

The musical's financial performance reflected these difficulties, with the week ending August 13 grossing just $512,008, marking its lowest figure since the opening.

Although its Broadway journey may have been short-lived, there are plans to extend the magic of "Once Upon A One More Time" to audiences worldwide, ensuring that the spirit of Britney Spears' hits lives on beyond the Marquis Theatre.