August 21, 2023


Rapper Gunplay arrested after allegedly pointing rifle at wife holding infant

Gunplay's wife announces divorce plans following domestic violence

By Melanie Aiden August 21, 2023
Rapper Gunplay arrested in Miami on serious charges including domestic violence.
Rapper Gunplay arrested in Miami on serious charges including domestic violence.

Rapper Gunplay found himself in handcuffs in Miami, facing a slew of serious charges. These charges include allegations of domestic violence and child abuse, among others.

The unsettling episode reportedly unfolded when Gunplay's wife, Taylor-Morales detailed the unsettling circumstances, which began when she asked her husband to lower the volume while playing Call of Duty, fearing that his loud yelling would disturb their sleeping baby.

This seemingly innocuous request took a dark turn, with his wife claiming that the rapper responded by brandishing a rifle in her direction.

She was reportedly holding their six-month-old child at the time, heightening the gravity of the situation.

Attempting to protect herself and their child from the chaos, she began collecting her belongings to move to another room. 

However, her husband prevented their departure, and the situation quickly spiraled out of control.

Taylor-Morales took to social media to share her perspective on the matter, expressing her unwavering commitment to her daughter's safety.

In her statement, she addressed her husband's struggles, revealing concerns about his substance use and a burgeoning drinking problem.

Despite her best efforts to support and care for him, she acknowledged that this was a personal battle he needed to confront.

Taylor-Morales explained, "He was arrested last night, the weapon is in police custody."

In a resolute statement, she declared her intention to file for divorce, ensuring that Gunplay would never have the opportunity to disrespect them again.