August 19, 2023


LL Cool J teases collab with Eminem ahead of upcoming album: 'That's my man'

LL Cool J heaped praise on Eminem only weeks after the latter's feud with Melle Mel

By Ellen James August 19, 2023
LL Cool J and Eminem first met at a book launch
LL Cool J and Eminem first met at a book launch

LL Cool J has only good things to say about his hip-hop pal Eminem.

In an interview with The Detroit News ahead of his new album and ongoing tour, the 55-year-old rapper reflected on his relationship with the Detroit native and teased a prospective collaboration between the singers.

“That’s my man, you know what I’m saying? That’s my guy,” LL said of Eminem. "He’s a good friend of mine. He’s a great artist, a very generous artist, there’s a lot of hard work in what he does. Genuinely he’s a great friend of mine, and he’s so creative.”

The Rock the Bells crooner explained the twosome first met during an unspecified book launch, where they hit it off instantly. “He’s a good dude. I love working with Em. We first met at a book launch, I came down and we met, and we rode around a little bit in the car and we talked a bit and we just vibed.”

“I mean, I love Em, and we’ve got more work together coming in the future,” the rapper, real name James Todd Smith, added.

LL Cool J’s unconditional support of The Eminem Show artist comes only weeks shy of the latter’s feud with Melle Mel.

The back and forth between the two hip hop artists began after Mel ascribed Eminem’s success to him being white, an insult the rapper addressed in his latest track, Realest.

Mel shortly released a diss track of his own, which was hugely trolled by social media users for its mediocre tune and perfunctory lyrics.