Why Was Fabian Marta Arrested? What did he do?

Fabian Marta from 'Sound of Freedom' arrested

By Maryland Hargreaves August 04, 2023
Fabian Marta arrested for allegedly abducting minor ithout parental consent.
Fabian Marta arrested for allegedly abducting minor ithout parental consent.

Fabian Marta, a well-known personality associated with funding the movie Sound of Freedom, has been taken into custody under grave allegations. 

The news of Fabian Marta arrest came to light through a series of tweets by anti-disinformation activist Jim Stewartson. 

The arrest revolves around accusations that Marta removed a minor under the age of 14, who was not a family member, without securing parental consent and subsequently confined them.

The incident has triggered a surge of attention across various social media platforms, and reactions have been intense, with significant backlash against Marta.

Why Was Fabian Marta Arrested?

Fabian Marta, a notable figure with ties to the film Sound of Freedom, is now facing serious charges of felony child kidnapping. 

The allegations against Marta are centered on the accusation that he removed a child under the age of 14 from their family without obtaining the necessary parental consent. 

This act, coupled with the alleged confinement of the minor, resulted in his arrest.

The incident came to public attention through the efforts of anti-disinformation activist Jim Stewartson, who has been at the forefront of bringing the matter to light. 

The gravity of the charges and the involvement of a minor have led to swift and intense reactions from the online community, with many expressing outrage and condemning Marta's alleged actions.

Marta's association with the film which touches upon relationships between older individuals and younger ones in "Sugar Baby / Sugar Daddy" parties, has added complexity to the situation. 

This connection has prompted questions and concerns about his broader involvement in projects related to themes of child trafficking.