August 04, 2023


Travis Scott's settlement offers financial resolution for John Hilgert's family

Travis Scott reaches settlement with one family of Astroworld tragedy lawsuit

By Melanie Aiden August 04, 2023
Extensive police report reveals horrific details of November 2021 incident.
Extensive police report reveals horrific details of November 2021 incident.

Travis Scott has settled a lawsuit with the family of 14-year-old John Hilgert, victim of 2021 Astroworld Festival tragedy.

According to Rolling Stone, the family withdrew their lawsuit after reaching an agreement with the rapper, Live Nation, and other festival organizers.

However, Travis Scott and one of his attorneys faced backlash for comments deemed "tone-deaf." 

They alleged that the Houston Police Department report's timing, released on the same day as Scott's new Utopia album, aimed to harm his record sales. 

Such remarks didn't sit well with Bob Hilliard, the lawyer representing the family of nine-year-old victim Ezra Blount. 

Hilliard criticized the comments as insensitive, given the tragedy's gravity that claimed lives and caused injuries.

Despite the tragedy's widespread impact, a grand jury in June chose not to recommend any charges in the incident, which resulted in the deaths of ten individuals and left hundreds injured. 

1,266-page police report delves into harrowing details of the crowd crush that claimed lives and left hundreds injured amidst the 50,000 attendees at NRG Stadium during the concert.

The families of Axel Acosta and Brianna Rodriguez, both tragically lost in the incident, have reached agreements for undisclosed amounts. 

Amidst the ongoing legal proceedings, Travis Scott is staying committed to his music career. 

Recently, he announced plans to perform tracks from his latest album, Utopia, at Rome's iconic Circus Maximus on August 7.