Harry Styles new tattoo dedicated to Olivia Wilde

Harry Styles' latest tattoo a subtle nod to Olivia Wilde?

By Madison Raymond July 31, 2023
Harry Styles thigh tattoo spotted.
Harry Styles' thigh tattoo spotted.

Harry Styles has been spotted with a tattoo that has sparked speculation about it being dedicated to his ex-girlfriend, Olivia Wilde. 

In photos, the 29-year-old former One Direction singer was seen on a boat in Bolsena, Italy, on Friday, proudly displaying the tattoo on his thigh.

The tattoo appears to be the word "Olivia" inked in an italic font, leaving fans curious about its significance. 

Additionally, another tattoo, the word "colazione," which means "breakfast" in Italian, was also visible on his leg. 

While enjoying his time in Italy, Harry was seen donning green swim shorts and a green-and-white plaid button-up. 

He was accompanied by a group of friends, including former Late Late Show host James Corden and Victoria's Secret model Jacquelyn Jablonski.

Fans have been buzzing over the meaning behind his newly spotted thigh tattoo. While some believe it could be a tribute to his former girlfriend Olivia Wilde, others have raised the possibility that it could be connected to the One Direction song "Olivia" from their 2015 album Made in the A.M. 

One Twitter user expressed their scepticism, suggesting they would remain in "blissful ignorance" until clearer, high-resolution photos are available to confirm the tattoo's actual content. 

Meanwhile, others pointed out that if the tattoo does indeed reference Olivia, it would reflect the human side of Harry Styles, showing that he too might have made a grand romantic gesture during his time with her.

Conversely, some fans expressed disbelief that the As It Was artist would get a tattoo dedicated to an ex-partner, especially considering the common perception of relationship name tattoos.