July 30, 2023


Kim Kardashian left interviewer 'surprised' with 'down-to-earth' personality

Kim Kardashian reportedly left a positive impression on Mark Wright

By George Johnson July 30, 2023
Mark Wright recalled interviewing Kim Kardashian and was left surprised by her warm demeanor
Mark Wright recalled interviewing Kim Kardashian and was left surprised by her warm demeanor 

Kim Kardashian may not be the diva that she appears to be as per TV presenter Mark Wright.

While speaking on the Saving Grace podcast, the television personality recalled how approachable The Kardashians star was as he shared that the beauty mogul arrived at her interview with Wright without her team in tow.

"When people ask me who surprised me the most, I say Kim Kardashian. She was amazing. Our camera crews were setting up and someone called her in and she came in on her own without a team or anything."

Additionally, he elaborated that Kardashian was more than happy to wait as Wright's team finished setting up for the interview.

In that period, Wright recalled that the reality TV star did not have a cold demeanour but rather was more than pleased with small conversations.

"We weren't ready and my producer was really worried and she goes 'that's ok, I'll just sit here'. So she sat with me for about 20 minutes just talking about life, my family, where I was from. 

By the end of it, Wright gushed about how "down-to-earth" the Skims founder was and how she continually remembers him in other events and subsequent interviews.  

"Started the interview and every time I saw her after that, she knew who I was instantly, lovely lovely down-to-earth girl."

Furthermore, the television presenter also shared his experience of interviewing Kim's close friend Paris Hilton. 

Sharing that he interviewed her "a couple of times" he said that she "is actually a nice lady". 

He added: "You don't become that rich if you're not smart."