July 30, 2023


John Schneider gets teary in interview after wife's passing

John Schneider and Dee Dee Sorvino pay tribute to late spouses

By Ellen James July 30, 2023
John Schneider breaks silence on wifes death.
John Schneider breaks silence on wife's death.

John Schneider renowned for his role as Bo Duke in the beloved US TV action series Dukes Of Hazzard, has made his first Hollywood appearance following the heartbreaking loss of his wife, Alicia Allain. 

In an exclusive video interview with DailyMail, the 63-year-old actor and filmmaker opened up about his emotional struggle with losing Alicia to cancer in February.

Tears welled up in Schneider's eyes as he candidly discussed his profound grief and the profound impact of Alicia's passing on his life.

She had been not only his wife but also his music and filmmaking partner. Despite the overwhelming sorrow, Schneider expressed his determination to channel his experience into helping others cope with their own grief journeys.

The actor acknowledged that he will never completely overcome the pain of his loss, describing his current state as navigating an "awful road." 

However, he also conveyed hope and resilience, stating that he believes Alicia's passing will lead to "remarkable, great things."

At the Drinks With Dee Dee Sorvino cabaret show in Hollywood, Schneider joined Dee Dee Sorvino, who lost her husband, Goodfellas icon Paul Sorvino, a year ago, to support her during the event.

The country music artist poured his heart into creating a new album titled We Are Still Us as a tribute to Alicia. 

Schneider expressed immense pride in the musical creation, believing it to be the best work of his career. 

The album serves as a heartfelt dedication to his late wife, who was his "much, much, much better half," and a testament to their remarkable bond.