Forgotten celebrities' carbon footprints exacerbate climate crisis

Celebrities who are full-time climate criminals

Unnoticed celebrities eco-impacts demand attention.
Unnoticed celebrities' eco-impacts demand attention.

In the wake of the UN chief's alarming announcement about the world entering "global boiling mode," Hollywood celebrities are now facing intense scrutiny for their carbon emissions, particularly when it comes to their use of private jets for short trips. 

High-profile figures like Kylie Jenner, Leonardo DiCaprio, Taylor Swift, and others are among those accused of being "full-time climate criminals."

Kylie Jenner

The criticism intensified after a Twitter account called Celebs Jets released eye-opening information about the flight history of various celebrities, including Kylie Jenner.

The revelations disclosed that Jenner travelled on her private jet for less than 17 minutes for a journey that would have taken around 40 minutes by car.

A notable Instagram post added fuel to the fire when Kylie shared a picture of herself and Travis Scott, standing before two private jets - one belonging to her and the other to Travis.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, another beloved celebrity, also faced backlash for her air travel habits. According to sustainability marketing firm Yard, Taylor's plane reportedly emitted a staggering 8,000 tonnes of carbon, making her one of the highest emitters.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Known for his vocal stance as an environmental activist, Leonardo found himself amidst controversy as he was spotted partying on a lavish superyacht in St. Barts in the final days of 2021. The idyllic Caribbean island has become a magnet for the wealthy elite and their multi-million-dollar superyachts.

Reports reveal that the renowned actor chartered a staggering $150 million superyacht for the occasion, raising eyebrows among some of his admirers who had seen him as a champion of environmental causes.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk known for championing electric cars, has faced criticism for reportedly being one of the biggest consumers of gasoline. Fans and critics alike question how the "Mr. Electric Car" persona aligns with such consumption, urging him to prioritize sustainability across all aspects of his endeavours.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold made headlines when he played a pivotal role in transitioning the Hummer, considered one of the least environmentally friendly cars, from military to commercial production.

Elton John

Meanwhile, Elton John faced backlash after letting Meghan and Harry use his private jet, despite Harry's previous comments on climate change. 

Critics argued that this action contradicted Harry's stance on environmental issues, leading to accusations of hypocrisy.