July 20, 2023


Kylie Jenner addresses people's assumption about 'insecure child': 'I love myself'

Kylie Jenner talks about people accusing her of facial surgery but in actuality she had only taken fillers

By George Johnson July 20, 2023
Kylie Jenner addresses peoples assumption about insecure child: I love myself

Kylie Jenner addresses people's assumption about 'insecure child': 'I love myself'

Kylie Jenner wants everyone to know that she values herself and will always do.

On Thursday's episode of The Kardashians, Kylie Kardashian channels Kourtney Kardashian as the two discuss the demands society throws on them to be perfect alongside sister Khloé. The beauty mogul, 25, adds that while it's "normal to be insecure sometimes," many people make erroneous conclusions about her self-esteem.

"I always remember being the most confident kid in the room," Kylie said. "I always loved myself — I still love myself — and one of the biggest misconceptions about me is that I was this insecure child and I got so much surgery to change my whole face, which is false, I’ve only gotten fillers."

She added: "I feel like I don’t want that to be a part of my story."

The Kylie Cosmetics founder also admitted to manipulating her images in the past because the family has "so much influence" that they should utilise to encourage others to love themselves better. 

As Khloé, 39, begins to criticise her own appearance, Kourtney, 44, told her that everyone should be confident "even in your imperfections," before admitting that she was simply thinking about how high the world's "beauty standards" are.

The Good American creator agrees, saying, "I had the most confidence; I was chubby and in a skin-tight body-con dress — you couldn't tell me otherwise. Society gave me insecurities."

Kylie then shares an insecurity that her own sisters instilled in her.

"You don't realise how you guys always talked about my ears?" she asked her sisters, to which Khloé added that she only ever mentioned them because she adores them.

"But I didn’t receive it like that," Kylie explained. "I received it like everyone was making fun of my ears, calling them dopey. Like that f----- me up."

She claims she "never thought about my ears" until she noticed her family's comments about them and started to be seen in public. She stated for five years that she "never wore an updo" on a red carpet or to an event.

"Then I had Stormi, and she has my ears, and it made me realize how I love them," she shared. "If I'm insecure about my ears, and I think my daughter is the most beautiful thing ever… now I wear updo to every carpet."

The sisters all relate to one another, recognising that they don't want their own children "to have those insecurities," therefore they must be conscious of how they treat themselves and the signals they convey to their children.