July 14, 2023


Harry Styles and Taylor Russell spotted at Barcelona airport

Harry Styles and Taylor Russell dating? Romance rumours after Vienna concert

By George Johnson July 14, 2023
Harry Styles and Taylor Russells airport video surfaced online.
Harry Styles and Taylor Russell's airport video surfaced online.

Harry Styles and Taylor Russell were spotted together at Barcelona airport.

The video, which was taken at the airport, shows Harry and Taylor walking through the arrivals area together.

Styles is currently on his European tour and is scheduled to perform in Barcelona on Wednesday. It is possible that Russell will be there to support him.

This is not the first time that the pair presumed to be dating have been spotted together. In July, they were seen together in Vienna after Styles' concert. 

Thanks to Taylor for showing up at Harry’s show. Media outlet TMZ managed to capture exclusive pictures of Russell in attendance, and the internet exploded with hilarious reactions.

Dressed in an elegant white dress, she effortlessly stole the spotlight while mingling in the VIP section, basking in the mesmerizing tunes of her rumoured beau.

The photos showcased her thoroughly enjoying the singer's electrifying performance, accompanied by an individual presumed to be a member of Styles' entourage, who was meticulously monitoring the show with his electronic device.

Viral images surfaced online, capturing the pair walking side by side, their chemistry palpable. 

Speculation ran rampant as fans couldn't help but wonder what adventures awaited the couple after the show. 

They were even photographed boarding a car together, leaving fans to speculate on their next destination.

Naturally, Taylor Russell's unexpected appearance at Harry Styles' concert sent fans into an absolute frenzy. 

Social media platforms became a hotbed of activity as users shared their hilarious and excited reactions to the sighting.