July 10, 2023


Harry Styles and Taylor Russell spotted in Vienna

Harry Styles fuels dating speculations with Canadian actress Taylor Russell

By Jean Valjean July 10, 2023
Harry Styles and Taylor Russell stroll in Vienna.
Harry Styles and Taylor Russell stroll in Vienna.

Harry Styles has once again captured the attention of fans worldwide. Following his split from Olivia Wilde, the British heartthrob has seemingly found himself a new muse in the form of Canadian actress Taylor Russell. 

Harry Styles and Taylor Russell have further fanned the flames of speculation as they were captured together in Vienna. 

Taylor Russell, who has been making waves in the industry, first raised eyebrows when she was spotted in the company of Styles during a rendezvous in London. 

They made their way towards a sleek black sedan parked conveniently across from the gallery entrance, sparking intrigue about their next destination. 

While the identity of the driver remains undisclosed, it was evident that Styles and Russell were leaving the venue together, further fueling speculation about their blossoming romance.

Harry Styles showcased his signature style during the outing, donning a blue jacket atop a crisp white shirt complemented by dark pants and trendy white sneakers. 

With sunglasses adorning his face and a brown bag casually slung over his shoulder, Styles exuded effortless charm. 

Taylor Russell exuded her own brand of coolness, dressed in a white tank top and black pants, effortlessly carrying a green shoulder bag. Her dark-tinted shades added a touch of mystery to her ensemble.

From the candid photos and videos circulating online, it is evident that they are thoroughly enjoying each other's company. 

However, despite the public's fascination and a flurry of online chatter, both have remained tight-lipped.

The recent news of their outings has sparked a wave of excitement and celebration among black women worldwide.