Arnold Schwarzenegger spills on son-in–law Chris Pratt’s chess skillls

Arnold Schwarzenneger candidly shared how his son-in-law Chris Pratt’s chess skills held up

By Betty Cruise May 21, 2023
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Chris Pratt’s chess game is very focused
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Chris Pratt’s chess game is "very focused"

Arnold Schwarzenegger spilled on Chris Pratt’s chess game, saying that his son-in-law is "great" at it.

The actor stated that he himself is average at the game but sang praises of Pratt saying that he "is very focused and smart" and is able to skillfully handle the game. 

The proud father-in-law made the comments in an interview with ExtraTV: "In all fairness, I am a mediocre chess player … It is just that Chris Pratt has just begun playing chess, but he's very, very focused."

"He's very, very smart, and he's a quick, quick learner. I think he's extraordinary," the actor continued. 

"I was in the middle of a game, almost losing the game, so I had to stay focused. I had to visualise myself as the winner. I said, 'Please, can you leave right now? I'm about to lose!'"

While on the other side, Pratt stated that he could not even try to beat his father-in-law, since that was his prowess as he called the Terminator star "very very good."

On the show, Late Night with Seth Meyers, he said: "It is pretty surreal! I've gotten to obviously know the regular guy and all of that, he's a great dad, a great grandad, and a good father-in-law and he's got a wealth of experience."

"It's been very nice, he's a great dude. We play chess a lot. I've never beaten him, he's very, very good. "