Jamie Lee Curtis THINKS Chloe Fineman's SNL Oscars sketch is ‘funny AF!’

Jamie Lee Curtis approves of her personification by Chloe Fineman on social media

By Maryland Hargreaves March 13, 2023
Jamie Lee Curtis THINKS Chloe Fineman's SNL Oscars sketch is ‘funny AF!’

Jamie Lee Curtis tells Chloe Fineman that she likes it.

Jamie Lee Curtis is happy with Chloe Fineman's portrayal of her in this past weekend's Oscars-themed chilly opener of Saturday Night Live.

The first-time Oscar nominee Curtis posted a side-by-side image of herself and Fineman's flawless reinterpretation to Instagram with the message, "Mother thinks you are funny AF!" On an Instagram Story, she also joked that she'd like her glasses back.

On the red carpet, when asked who is she wearing? Fineman's Curtis answered, "Kirkland by Costco".

Following his laudatory remarks on Best Picture nominee Tár, which he described as "iconic, vivacious, carnivorous, queer" and "hands down the funniest movie of the year," Fineman then defended DeBose's popular BAFTAs rap, taking inspiration from Curtis' own passionate defence of the actress.

She would not attend the event, but Fineman's Curtis said she was on her way home since "it's way past mommy's bedtime."

SNL's Oscars Sketch, who else got 'Cold'?

After confessing that she declined an Oscar nominee dinner set to start at 7:30 p.m. because "mommy goes to bed early," Curtis gained notoriety earlier this week. "There's nothing good happening with me after 9 o'clock.", she remarked.

Other standouts from the cold open include Bowen Yang as George Santos impersonating Tom Cruise and Kenan Thompson as Mike Tyson, the Academy's new head of security, explaining steps in response to Will Smith's infamous Oscars slap last year. Look up at the cold opening.