Andrew Tate continues to grip male youth as YouTube pushes his content

By Samantha David January 24, 2023
Andrew Tate is being investigated for crimes in connection to human trafficking, rape and organised crime

Grace Macaskill, a feature writer for The Sun, discovered that the YouTube algorithm continues to push Andrew Tate content on to kinds despite his ban from the platform.

She detailed that she had her 13-year-old son create a new YouTube account, with no prior browsing history, and began watching videos of The Last of Us but within 30 minutes began receiving recommendations of Tate boasting that for one to be happy they need a "$75million yacht, 30 hot women, $100m+ in the bank".

It only took one click on the said clip for Andrew Tate shorts to emerge where the disgraced social media star pushed his twisted opinions on women and flashed his wealth.

She wrote: "Tate maintains a terrifying grip over impressionable lads. I can see why they may be drawn to Tate."

"My son is a bright kid, all too quickly becoming a young man, with a wide and imaginative range of interests.

"He has got no big social media presence and we have enough trust in him to let him watch YouTube on his phone in his bedroom.

"The only alternative is to make him sit in the same room as us all day and, let’s be frank, that’s not appealing with a bored teen."

For the unversed Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate is are currently in the custody of Romanian authorities as they are being investigated for their crimes in connection to human trafficking, rape and organised crime.

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