Princess Diana to Angelia Jolie: International public figures who took flight to Pak in dire times

By Melanie Aiden October 02, 2022
Princess Diana to Angelia Jolie: International public figures who took flight to Pak in dire times 

Some of the very popular celebrities took a step further to visit the flood-hit Pakistan! 

With fame comes responsibility and not every popular face is aware or recognizes the extent of power, reach and influence. 

The Marvel star Angelina Jolie belongs to that subset as she has constantly been in the news for her visit to Pakistan which deals with one of the worst catastrophe's in history. 

Jolie aimed to tour the hit areas, interact with the victims and prompt the international community to take notice. 

In many of her meetings, the Maleficent actress has particularly focused on highlighting the country's vulnerability to climate change. 

This was not the first time Jolie took a jet to Pakistan as she has been on constant travel  after 2010 floods and the 2005 earthquake. 

Turkish actor Celal Al, who played the character of Abdul Rehman alp in historic series Dirilis Ertugrul, flew to Karachi to lead a charity drive for those affected by the floods. 

Through his Instagram account, Celal encouraged fans to donate generously and showed himself physically indulging in unloading of relief packages from trucks. 

Zimbabwe's Ismail Ibn Musa Menk, commonly known as Mufti Menk, also stepped into the flood affected areas of Sindh. He delivered aid and also raised awareness about the situation and known for his soft and funny demeanour, he was also spotted enjoying a cup of tea at a local dhaba, which he called number one.

Late Princess Diana was a good soul and always felt for the world in general and this was evident as she raised funds for the Shaukat Khanum Memorial hospital in Lahore at her visit. 

She adored the poor and embraced the sick, caressed children and showered them with respect, love and gifts. 

Last but not the least the nation would be surprised on hearing that King Charles and his wife Camilla also arrived in Pakistan for their first official tour in 2006 and went as far up to the Northern areas. 

In times of these natural disasters the foreign faces did show a side of themselves restoring faith in the goodness of humanity.