Rosie O'Donnell reacts to daughter Vivienne's claims about her 'not normal' upbringing

By Samantha David August 06, 2022
Rosie O'Donnell's daughter thinks her upbringing was not normal

Rosie O'Donnell disagrees with her daughter's assertions that she did not grow up in a "normal" environment.

O'Donnell's daughter Vivienne in her TikTok earlier this week told her fans that while she is "incredibly thankful" for O'Donnell, "one thing she's not done is normal."

In response, the comedian also uploaded a video on TikTok on Thursday.

"Vivi, what do you mean I didn't do anything normal? I did normal things. I'm normal. I'm totally normal," O'Donnell said in the video before she quipped about dribbling her daughter's "secrets."

"Jeez, Viv. I'm gonna tell some secrets about you," she added.

After fans commented on her preceding Story Time videos, Vivienne started talking about her upbringing on TikTok, claiming:

Her "parents did an amazing job keeping [her] out of the craziness of Hollywood" and that O'Donnell, mother, "kept things relatively norm" for her kids.

The 19-year-old further told her fans: "I love all these comments about how Rosie kept my life 'normal.' No offense, Mom, that never happened. She just didn't really inform us, for really anything."

"I think that was more it because once I would find out, she'd be like, 'Vivi, come on, you know that. Like, you know that' " the teenager said.

"She has done so much for me and I'm so incredibly, incredibly thankful for her, but one thing she's not done is normal," Vivienne added.

In one of her Story Time videos, she reminisced when she was more immature that a woman named "Mo" would "always come" to her home and she "never had any idea" who she was.

"Then I find out it was Madonna all these years," she disclosed in the video.