Ryan Reynolds on raising kids: I have moments when I just break loose

By Jean Valjean June 27, 2022
Ryan Reynolds pictured at the Cannes Lions Festival in France

Ryan Reynolds opened up about the challenges of raising kids to the audience at the Cannes Lions festival in France.

During the lecture Creativity at the pace of culture as a part of the festival, the actor talked about his experience with parenthood and admitted that sometimes he just “break[s] loose.”

"I'm a father of three girls. They are wild. It seems to me that sometimes they are sick with insanity. I have a moment when I just break loose. It’s not so interesting what you do at this moment, as what you do then," admitted husband Blake Lively.

The Deadpool star also reflected on how important it is to learn from your mistakes, further advising the parents to draw conclusions from experiences and pass relevant knowledge to children.

Ryan Reynolds, 45, and actress Blake Lively, 34, wed in 2012 and are celebrating ten years of marriage this year. The star couple has three daughters — James, Betty, and Inez.