ACE Family under fire for stealing small YouTuber's video for Ace Fest promo

By George Johnson May 15, 2022
The Ace Family, comprising of Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz, are under fire for stealing content from another YouTuber  

YouTuber channel The Ace Family is under hot water after being accused of stealing footage from a small YouTuber for advertising their own Ace Fest event.

The stars of the channel Austin McBroon and Catherine Paiz have been reportedly inflating statistics of the number of tickets they sold after alleging that the event was completely sold out.

Their shady behaviour was called out on social media as they allegedly stole from another YouTuber’s footage to promote their event.

The original owners of the video, Jay and Mack Films, were tracked down and made aware of the YouTuber’s actions to which they expressed their shock.

They said that they were not aware of this until YouTuber MadCatster brought their actions to light: "That was the first time we heard anything about it… We came across that YouTube video that had over 2 million views where they’re using it to promote their Ace Fest and we saw our clips and were so shocked. Like, what the heck."