Valkyrae gets self-conscious by her on-stream antics

By Ellen James May 06, 2022
Valkyrae gets self-conscious by her on-stream antics  

Twitch streamer Rachell Valkyrae Hofstettar opened up about her sentiments when re-watching her streams.

Valkyrae has got a vast legion of fans who tune into her streams everyday and shower insane amounts of love.

Posting on her twitter account, Valkyrae was very self-critical about her streams and said, "I forget how many people are watching sometimes and get embarrassed when I rewatch my streams, I get so brainless, loud, and obnoxious … why am I like this?"

She then followed up with another tweet which read, "Why am I so loud I’m so tiny it doesn’t make sense."

It did not take long as appreciation comments began flooding in from fans and fellow streamers alike.

"You’re the embodiment of the energy trapped inside our heads in which we struggle to express." 

People find her personality fit for the type of content she creates and they want to see.