Olympian Michelle Carter rebuffs stereotypes about female athletes, femininity

Celebpost Desk|July 19, 2021

Track and field Olympian Michelle Carter spoke up about the struggles of female athletics and advised the new ones to not take anyone’s word about only being able to stick with one thing in their lives.

While talking about having to sit out of the forthcoming Tokyo Summer Olympics, Carter also opened up about being against the common idea that sportswomen can’t be both feminine and athletic.

The 35-year shot put medalist critiqued the "outdated perspective of a female athlete” and said that "being an athlete isn't all of who we are.”

"We are women at the end of the day and being an athlete is just part of what we do and who we are," Carter shared. "So for me, I've learned how to really embrace both sides of me of being this great athlete, but also leaning into my femininity, knowing that that's part of my superpower. And I can't take it away if I wanted to."

"People should broaden their view on how they view female athletes, because at the end of the day, before they became an athlete, they were a woman," Carter added.

The Shot Diva will be leading her summer sports confidence camp, You Throw Girl, where young girls are taught to be confident in being feminine while also pursuing their dreams as an athlete.

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