Johnny Depp reminisces over landing a role in 21 Jump Street

Celebpost Desk|June 09, 2021
Johnny Depp reminisces over landing a role in '21 Jump Street'

Johnny Depp recently took a trip down memory lane and recalled how his reaction to landing a role in the 1987 TV show 21 Jump Street, back when he was completely broke.

The actor got candid during an interview with Guardian in 2015, and detailed his audition as being a “last minute thing.”

He admitted at the time, “I had one of the worst flu’s I’ve ever experienced in my life, went there, signed some piece of paper, did the screen test – and the next day I was on a plane to Vancouver. I guess that was my best audition.”

For those unversed, Johnny Depp made his debut with Nightmare on Elm Street, Platoon and Cry Baby. He even performed a memorable role in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Edward Scissorhands among others.

21 Jump Street was aired for five seasons between 1987 and 1991 on Fox Network, and was about how Johnny Depp and other cops posed as students to control crime in school.

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