Prince Harry under fire for ‘letting the Queen down ahead of birthday

Melanie Aiden|May 01, 2021

Prince Harry bashed for reportedly letting the Queen down ahead of her birthday after Prince Philip’s death

Prince Harry under fire for ‘letting the Queen’ down ahead of birthday

An expert recently weighed in on the current British census over Prince Harry US return ahead of the Queen’s birthday.

The claim was brought forward by a royal enthusiast named Andrew Rosindell and he admitted to Express, "The right thing to do is to mend bridges with his brother William and other members of the Royal Family, but that will happen in time.”

"I personally think he will realise the error he has made. But for the time being, he and Meghan have effectively abdicated their responsibilities and move away to lead a very different life than a member of the Royal Family could possibly do.”

"The Oprah interview has backfired badly on them. Most people see it, particularly as an attempt from Meghan, to keep this whole thing going and to put themselves in the limelight.”

"Most people don't side with them - I look at my inbox from my constituents and the only emails I have had are from people saying how upset and appalled they were, and how they felt Harry and Meghan had let the Queen and Royal Family down.”

"This split should be amicable and I really hope he no longer goes on TV and uses private conversations to undermine and harm the Royal Family."

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