Corpse Husband's face reveal breaks the internet

By George Johnson October 29, 2020

Youtuber Corpse Husband, quite popular on the platform for narrating true horror stories, has sent the internet into tizzy after he announced to unveil his face. 

The anonymous Youtuber, who posts videos illustrated with photos and animations with his deep voice narration in the background, has always created a mystery around his real-life appearance.

Recently, a tweet of Corpse Husband from last year is resurfacing on the internet where he hints at his face reveal. 

In this tweet, Corpse shared a clip from animation Shrek and wrote in the caption: “When I face reveal.”

Excited fans quickly hopped into the post's comment section and showed their eagerness to see the Youtuber in real.

One commented: "I genuinely hope we get a corpse husband face reveal in this lifetime". While another replied, "We loved you even without the face, so i dont think showing it would not make us love you less.. Buuuuut if u dont want to iz okeh."

He furthered intensified the curiosity of his followers when he posted photos of his hands on Twitter.

Courtesy: The Sun

So will Corpse ever reveal his face?

Corpse spoke to fellow YouTuber Anthony Padill and was quoted saying, "There is not a single picture of me from before YouTube with my entire face in it." 

He further said that even in his real life, he hides the fact that he is Corpse Husband.