Bella Poarch sells her soul to illuminati for TikTok fame? Strange conspiracy theory riles up the internet

By Madison Raymond October 29, 2020
Bella Poarch accused of selling her soul to the illuminati to sky-rocket on TikTok

TikTok star Bella Poarch has been in the midst of a controversy after people started raising questions over the sudden spike in her popularity in the middle of a pandemic.

While some people have circulated scandalous rumours about her real age, others have managed to build a theory about Bella selling her soul to the illuminati to sky-rocket on the video-sharing platform!

The shocking claims have been made in a video going viral on the internet having more than five million views.

Titled Bella Poarch Truth Exposed Part 1, the video was posted by @larissadenisee in October and has a Part 2 garnering just under 1 million views. 

"What piqued my interest is that a lot of people said she sold her soul so I took a screenshot from a video that was posted a month before she was famous and sure enough..." states the viral clip before showing an image of Bella with her face painted like a devil.

Part 2 then goes on to make the ridiculous claim that because the viral TikTok star dressed up as a devil, she must have sold her soul to the devil and the illuminati for instant fame.

Because the conspiracy theory is hard to digest, Bella reacted to it in the same way.

 In a past gaming livestream, she appeared to mock the theory by saying: "I didn't sell my soul to the devil, you guys are mean. I go to church."