February 16, 2024


Selena Gomez unveils date of new single 'Love On'

Selena Gomez announces new track 'Love On'

By Celebpost Desk February 16, 2024
Selena Gomez announces new track Love On
Selena Gomez announces new track 'Love On' 

Selena Gomez is getting her love mode on with the release announcement of a flirty new single titled Love On.

Taking to Instagram, the Calm Down singer delighted fans as she posted a cover for he new song, scheduled to release on Feb 22. 

The cover saw Gomez in a bathrobe and sunglasses as she stood against the backdrop of the scenic seaside with her natural beauty on display.

She captioned the post saying, “Wait ‘til I turn my love on. Presave my new song “Love On” out 2.22.”

"Love On is a fun and flirty song inspired by the months Selena spent in Paris last year,” as per a press release.

Fans flooded the comments section with love and praise over the hit-maker’s new song.

One user excitedly comments, , “SOOOO EXCITED!!! we've been waiting for this for a long time, you don't know how happy we are now to love you so much.”

The It Ain’t Me singer’s very first song of 2024 comes soon after the former’s high-profile love affair with producer Benny Blanco.