January 27, 2024


Taylor Swift’s beau Travis Kelce knocks down Justin Timberlake ‘so hard’

Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift's love interest, Travis Kelce, joined the The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon for a golf match

By Javeria Shahid January 27, 2024

File Footage 

Taylor Swift’s athlete boyfriend Travis Kelce once accidentally knocked down Justin Timberlake on the ground, the Selfish crooner shared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

During Thursday night's episode, the former NSYNC sensation recounted the moment with Fallon, as they recreated the scene where Fallon, positioned in a sand trap, took a swing at the ball to land it in the flagged hole before the actual video footage of the playful moment was aired.

In the clip, Fallon's shot flawlessly landed in the hole, triggering extreme screams of astonishment from the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Patrick Mahomes, late-night host Fallon himself, and Timberlake.

As the video rolled, the SexyBack vocalist could be seen energetically running in circles while Kelce, 34, joined the scene, effortlessly lifting the 49-year-old Fallon with one hand in the air.

Then Timberlake requested a replay of the video, humorously mentioning, "I haven’t run that fast since," the host added, "Travis lifted me in the air. Even the other team was rooting for me. That’s how bad I am."

The Grammy Award winner singer then urged producers to continue playing the video, allowing viewers to witness the aftermath. Following a chest bump with Mahomes, Timberlake attempted the same with Kelce, causing the latter to tumble backward onto the grass while his legs swung in the air.

"Travis Kelce almost — I saw my life flash before my eyes," the Cry Me a River singer recalled. "He went up and did one of those [chest bumps], and I was like, he’s doing it, I have to do it."

However, Timberlake forgot that his slender frame couldn’t withstand the chest bump by Kelce, who would be "more than 80 pounds" than him, revealing he had a sprained neck for a week.