December 20, 2023


Tom Brady hints at Gisele Bundchen 'lying cheating'

Tom Brady posted a lenghty quote, written by Muhammad Ali, after his divorce from Gisele Bundchen

By Javeria Shahid December 20, 2023
Tom Bradys post-divorce Instgarm story features cryptic text on cheating
Tom Brady's post-divorce Instgarm story features cryptic text on 'cheating'

Tom Brady shared a cryptic quote a year after finalising his divorce with Gisele Bundchen.

He shared a lengthy quote about “lying and cheating heart,” penned by Muhammad Ali, on his Instagram story on Tuesday, December 19.

Emphasising on "A man is his heart" in bold text, the quote began noting that the personality of an individual reflects their heart, “The ways of a person. His thoughts. His deeds. His actions. Are all based around his heart.”

The Brazilian model’s former husband's story further stated, “A lying, cheating heart means a lying cheating man. A loving merciful heart means a loving merciful man. A living heart means living man. A dead heart means a dead man.”

“Regardless to man's title. Regardless to man’s rank, wealth or position, if the heart is not great then he cannot be great,” the quote by the late professional boxer read.

Tom Bradys Instagram Post
Tom Brady's Instagram Post

The quote went on to add, “But if the heart is great that man remains under all circumstances, rich or poor, large or small, for it is the heart that makes one large or small.”

The 46-year-old NFL alum also added a couple of words under the lengthy quotes and urged, “Be proud of the man in the glass!”

Though it remained ambiguous what Brady, who retired on February 1, 2023, was referring to, however, this story update was followed by the one-year anniversary of his divorce from Bundchen, who ended their 13-years of marriage in October 2022.

The former Victoria’s Secret model and the footballer lived separately for months before ending their marriage for good, as per Page Six.