December 08, 2023


Selena Gomez’s account gets ‘hacked’ amid Benny Blanco relationship

Selena Gomez posted a photo with Benny Blanco on her Instagram story

By Javeria Shahid December 08, 2023
Selena Gomez and benny Blanco are engaging with each other over social media comments and stories
Selena Gomez and benny Blanco are engaging with each other over social media comments and stories

Selena Gomez sparked dating rumors with Benny Blanco and "seemingly" confirmed the news, however some fans believed her account was hacked.

Popfaction on Instagram posted a montage of photos and short clip with a caption that read, "#SelenaGomez seemingly confirms that she is in a relationship."

Under the post The Heart Wants What It Wants songstress replied on Thursday, December 7, with just one word that took the social media by storm, "Facts"

According to the fan made account, Selena, 31, was recently seen gushing over the producer in the comments claiming her alleged beau as her, "absolutely everything" and he is "the best thing that’s ever happened" to her.

Besides, when comments dubbed Blanco, 35, as "unhandsome" the Wolves crooner pounced over the naysayers saying, "He’s still better than anyone I’ve ever been with. Facts”

She also clapped back on another negative comment, "He has treated me better than any human being on this planet."

This unusual interaction with fans and making her love life public was not seen as usual Selena behaviour which made fans speculate that her account was hacked.

One Instagram user pointed, "it’s giving hacked vibes."

Another concerned fan noted, "I think Selena was hacked, it's not possible she's saying all this out of nowhere."

A third user flat out suggested that the five-time BMI Songwriter of the Year Award winner hacked her account, "Anyone else thinks Benny hacked her account? This just isn't like Selena to be so open about her love life."

"I think Selena's account was hacked she IS saying things out of nowhere responding to fans and talking about surgery, album's dates's weird no?[confused emojis]" a fourth user claimed.

Meanwhile, other fans chimed in to confirm that her account was not hacked saying, "She even posted a story of them together, she isn't hacked or something like that."

The outlet also confirmed that Selena and her mom are following the American record producer on social media.