December 05, 2023


Joey King responds to ex Jacob Elordi's ‘ridiculous’ remarks about Kissing Booth

Jacob Elordi co-starred with Joey King in Kissing Booth trilogy

By Javeria Shahid December 05, 2023
Joey King responds to ex Jacob Elordis ‘ridiculous’ remarks about Kissing Booth
Joey King responds to ex Jacob Elordi's ‘ridiculous’ remarks about Kissing Booth

Joey King slammed her Kissing Booth co-star Jacob Elordi after he dubbed the trilogy "ridiculous". 

The Emmy nominated artist shared to Variety recently that, “I think it’s unfortunate anyone would feel that way.”

“I had a great time making those movies no matter what anyone says,” she said.

Joey, 24, starred as Rochelle 'Elle' Evans opposite Jacob's character Noah in the Netflix film franchise. 

Her remarks came after the Euphoria actor raised eyebrows with his blunt comments about the show.

“I didn’t want to make those movies before I made those movies,” the Satburn actor said in GQ Men of the Year cover story last month. 

He added, “Those movies are ridiculous. They’re not universal. They’re an escape.”

Joey and Jacob began dating on the set of Kissing Booth in January 2017, but ended their relationship next year in November.

The Princess actress confirmed they parted their ways in March 2019 to Refinery29.

The three installments of Kissing Booth released in 2018, 2020 and 2021.

Jacob's remarks ended up infuriating his co-stars as well as dedicated fans of the franchise, who dubbed him "ungrateful" and "disrespectful," for not being proud of his breakout role. 

Fans vented out their rage on various social media platforms; one fuming fan wrote at the time, “Jacob Elordi needs to understand that when you crap in a project like he has, he’s also crapping on his co-stars, the creators and especially the fans.”

Another agreed, “I dislike actors who belittle their humble beginnings, where their careers began.”

However, On November 17, Elordi tried to clean up after his mess and touched on his past statement.

“I'm incredibly grateful to everybody in it,“ he tried to do a bit of damage control in a statement to Variety.