November 28, 2023


The Voice' Reba McEntire lands in tight spot after contestant’s self elimination

Reba McEntire is only left with three team members to compete in the upcoming episodes of The Voice

By Javeria Shahid November 28, 2023
The Voice Judge Reba McEntire lands in a tight spot after contestant’s self elimination
The Voice Judge Reba McEntire lands in a tight spot after contestant’s self elimination

The Voice judge Reba McEntire seemed to be in a pickle as her team has shrunk from six contestants to just three.

Reba encountered a major setback after one of her team members, Tom Nitti, self-eliminated just before the latest The Voice round.

The 68-year-old judge confirmed the departure of Nitti in the episode on Monday, Nov. 27.

She made an announcement before the Playoffs round, "I have wonderfully talented people, but Tom had to leave, so I only have five artists tonight.”

Host Carson Daly also shared that the 16-year-old dropped himself out form the competition due to “personal reasons,” and did not elaborate on them.

Tom Nitti on The Voice
Tom Nitti on The Voice

After Tom's withdrawal, Team Reba was left with Ruby Leigh, Jordan Rainer, Jacquie Roar, Noah Spencer and Super Save singer Ms. Monet to compete in the Playoffs.

At this crucial point, it was not the time for Reba’s team to relax a bit as they had to work hard to sail their team’s boat to the top.

With that saying, Reba’s Super Save. Ms Monet made a remarkable comeback into the show.

However, despite pulling out all the tricks on stage, she failed to wow the judges with Aretha Franklin’s classic rendition, Until You Come Back to Me.

She adorned her performance with a range of notes including, high to low and even the whistle note.

According to John, it was an exciting performance, if not entirely cohesive, as reported by TV LINE.

Nevertheless, the judges were ecstatic over 16-year-old Ruby's performance as she brought her best game to the stage.

Rudy Leigh garnered appreciation form The Voice judges
Rudy Leigh garnered appreciation form The Voice judges

She made a smart move to sing Long Long Time by Linda Ronstadt as her playoff song.

With what Reba called the “Patsy Cline break” in her vocals, the teenager sang with an ache unmatched with any other voice.

Niall Horan complimented it as “the best version of that song [he’s] ever heard,” and went on to jokingly warn Reba that if she sends this girl off, the country music legend will probably get fired - or at least end up losing her Queen of Country crown.

As per the outlet, McEntire picked Jordan Rainer, Jacquie Roar, Ruby Leigh while eliminated Ms. Monét and Noah Spencer.

It appeared that due to Tom being the personal favorite of McEntire since the very beginning, the singer's exit induced anxiety into the vocal coach, visible throughout the episode.