Dan + Shay replaces Niall Horan For the Voice rehearsals

Niall is replaced temporarily he will be back on The Voice at the actual Knockout performances night

By Javeria Shahid November 08, 2023

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Country music duo Dan + Shay are replacing Niall Horan temporarily as the team gears up for the next round of The Voice.

Due to his scheduled concert, the former One Direction band member was forced to step out from the competition during rehearsals for Knockouts.

While he is away, Dan + Shay will fill his shoes and thoroughly take over the coaching responsibilities.

This is just a beginning for the dynamic pop duo in The Voice, as they are in it to be full-time coaches.

In a video posted on The Voice Youtube channel, it was seen that American Music Award winner introduced the temporary replacements to the whole team and they made quite an interesting appearance from behind a mask of Niall’s face.

“I know you're coming on here for season 25, so it's good practice for you guys,” Niall, 30, began.

Notably, Dan + Shay will be the first ever coaching duo on the show next season alongside Chance the Rapper, John Legend and Reba McEntire.

The Irish singer-songwriter further noted that he will share all the details to the substitutes for a smooth cooperation, “I'll send you all the info on the team. I'll send videos, I'll introduce you to them all so you can get to know them before you rock up here."

Shay Mooney replied enthusiastically, "This is gonna be so much fun, obviously, man, we're always here for you.”

He went on to say, "I heard you got a stacked team, so we're pretty excited."

Niall went on to share that he is looking for “individuality” in the Knockouts and asked the duo to tell the team to “connect to the songs as much as they can".

He affirmed, as long as they do that there's “no pressure! Keep in touch boys, I love you,” he concluded.

The This Town hitmaker is only replaced temporarily during the knockout rehearsals, he will be with his team on the actual Knockout performances night.