September 24, 2023


Harry Styles mother Anne Twist finds love again with new partner

Harry Styles mother Anne Twist embarks on a new romance

By Jean Valjean September 24, 2023
Harry Styles mom Anne Twist reveals new relationship and happiness.
Harry Styles' mom Anne Twist reveals new relationship and happiness.

Harry Styles' mother Anne Twist, has discovered love once more, and her new partner, Darren Dean-Rhodes, wholeheartedly supports her burgeoning career as a writer.

At the age of 55, Anne recently marked her debut as a children's author with the release of her novel, Betty And The Mysterious Visitor.

In a show of unwavering support, businessman Darren's Instagram account is brimming with admiration for his partner's literary achievements.

The couple's steady relationship has been documented through various adventures, including trips to destinations such as Portugal and New Zealand. Additionally, Darren accompanied Anne to a notable Love on Tour arena show, further solidifying their bond.

Few months back, Anne Twist responded firmly after facing body shaming from a social media troll. 

She shared glimpses of her recent activities with her 2.6 million Instagram followers, offering highlights from her month.

In the first image, Anne appeared radiant as she graced a friend's wedding, captured alongside her companions while elegantly dressed in a mint green silk dress.