September 19, 2023


Gabrielle Union's daughter thought Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour was Blue Ivy's Gig

Gabrielle Union clears up daughter's confusion about Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour

By Samantha David September 19, 2023
Gabrielle Union shares daughter mistakes Beyoncés Tour for a Blue Ivy concert.
Gabrielle Union shares daughter mistakes Beyoncé's Tour for a Blue Ivy concert.

Gabrielle Union recently shared an amusing anecdote from a mother-daughter outing to Beyoncé's Renaissance tour.

According to People magazine, the 50-year-old star recounted how her 4-year-old daughter, Kaavia James Wade, initially believed the concert was exclusively a Blue Ivy performance.

In jest, Gabrielle quipped, "I had to explain to her that Blue is only a small part of the concert."

Kaavia, the mini-me of Gabrielle and her former NBA star husband Dwyane Wade, apparently has a strong fondness for Blue Ivy.

The Bring It On star disclosed that her daughter was utterly thrilled about staying up late, well past her usual 7 p.m. bedtime, to witness the concert.

Beyoncé didn't take the stage until around 8:30 p.m., and Kaavia was said to be "delirious" with joy.

However, her enthusiasm waned when Blue Ivy left the stage, as Gabrielle humorously recounted her daughter's inquiry, "Where's Blue?"

Kaavia, was eager to reunite with her friends during the concert, expressing a preference for Blue Ivy's presence over Beyoncé's.

Gabrielle mentioned, "The mom is cool, but she hasn't even sung Single Ladies."

In their household, the Renaissance World Tour is now referred to as "the Blue Ivy Concert," according to the Bad Boys II star.

The concert was indeed a family affair, with Dwyane Wade, the former Miami Heat point guard, and their 17-year-old daughter Zaya also joining in on the fun.