September 03, 2023


Truth behind Jenna Ortega, Johnny Depp 'ridiculous' romance rumors

Jenna Ortega and Johnny Depp broke their silence on the ongoing dating rumors respectively

By Ellen James September 03, 2023
Jenna Ortega and Johnny Depp were rumored to star together in Beetlejuice 2
Jenna Ortega and Johnny Depp were rumored to star together in Beetlejuice 2

Jenna Ortega has set the record straight about dating rumors with Johnny Depp.

The Wednesday star, 20, took to her Instagram Stories to shut down claims she was spotted with Depp, 60 earlier this week.

A tip in the DeuxMoi gossip account claimed a sighting of the stars together, leading to speculations that they were either filming a movie together or dating.

In a scathing statement, Ortega blasted “ridiculous” rumors, revealing, “I have never met or worked with Johnny Depp in my life. Please stop spreading lies and leave us alone.”

A rep for the Pirates of the Caribbean star also released a statement on the actor’s behalf, slamming the “baseless” rumors for their fallacy.

“Mr. Depp has no personal or professional relationship with Ms. Ortega whatsoever,” read the statement.

“He has never met her or spoken to her. He is not involved in any project with her, nor does he intend to be. He is appalled by these baseless and malicious rumours that are intended to harm his reputation and career.”

Ortega is not so stranger to the harsh side of social media. She opened up about its “ugly” implications in a Variety interview.

“Social media, what it does to anyone our age, it's such a comparing game. It influences bandwagon mentality. It's very manipulative. After [Wednesday], I'm really nervous to post or even say anything on there or even be myself,” she shared some time ago.

Ortega is currently filming a second installment of Tim Burton’s classic Beetlejuice, while Depp’s last acting gig was his role in Jeanne du Barry released earlier this year.

The Emmy-nominated actress gained substantial fame for her titular role in Netflix’s blockbuster series Wednesday, a spin-off of the original Addam’s Family film.