September 02, 2023


Billie Eilish's 'really sick' at Electric Picnic but 'won't cancel'

Billie Eilish brings her A-Game despite being 'Really Sick' before Ireland concert

By George Johnson September 02, 2023
Billie Eilish overcomes illness to electrify electric picnic crowd: Give Me All Youve Got!
Billie Eilish overcomes illness to electrify electric picnic crowd: 'Give Me All You've Got!'

Billie Eilish delivered an unforgettable performance at Electric Picnic 2023 in County Laois, Ireland, despite grappling with a significant illness. 

Billie Eilish didn't hold back in giving her all to the 50,000-strong audience gathered to witness her live performance. 

The Grammy-winning singer opened up about her health struggles, stating, "Ireland. I am really, really sick and honestly, really suffering."

She continued, "You know me, and you know that I wouldn't cancel a show if I was like literally dying... (this does feel pretty close tho lol) but the show must go on." 

Her indomitable spirit was evident as she declared, "I will see you tonight."

Eilish concluded her message with a plea for understanding and support from her dedicated fans, stating, "Please keep in mind that I am trying my best and I'm gonna need your help tonight. Go hard for me." 

The Lovely singer, recognizing her limitations, implored the audience, "Give me all that you've got, okay, because I can only do so much tonight." 

She then encouraged them to join her in building up energy by bouncing together, exclaiming, "If I can do it, you can f**king do it."

Her opening act featured her rendition of "You Should See Me In a Crown," as she energetically traversed the stage. 

As the 70-minute show came to a close, Billie expressed her gratitude to the audience, declaring, "I love you so much, thanks for having me, but I'll see you again."