September 02, 2023


Kanye West from music icon to public scrutiny - Can he sink any lower?

Kanye West's recent controversies raise questions: How far will his downward spiral go?

By Jean Valjean September 02, 2023
Kanye Wests shocking display in Venice: A new low in a controversial career.
Kanye West's shocking display in Venice: A new low in a controversial career.

Kanye West managed to create a spectacle that left onlookers appalled. 

Seated in the back of a water taxi, his trousers provocatively lowered to reveal his bare posterior, the rapper appeared to engage in a highly explicit act in broad daylight with his Australian wife, Bianca Censori.

For an artist known for pushing boundaries and courting controversy, this incident represented a shocking new low. 

In recent years, Kanye West has repeatedly demonstrated a disregard for public opinion. 

He described slavery as a 'choice,' declared his readiness to go to war with Jewish people, and made disturbing remarks expressing approval of Hitler and the Nazis.

While some have attributed his behavior to his bipolar diagnosis in 2016, others view it as the unchecked hubris of a superstar who believes he can act with impunity, especially when it generates headlines. 

Despite behavior that would have led to the downfall of most public figures, Kanye West continues to thrive, boasting 53 million monthly Spotify listeners and 32 million followers on X.

Bianca Censori has found herself thrust into the whirlwind of Kanye West's relentless pursuit of the limelight. 

The 28-year-old has been parading around Italy, a country that holds firm to its conservative Roman Catholic values, in a series of provocative and often translucent skin-tight outfits, frequently opting to forgo underwear—a choice that has not been well-received.

Kim Kardashian, has previously shared her experiences of West's controlling nature during their marriage. 

She revealed how the rapper, who considers himself a deity in both the music and fashion worlds, discarded most of her clothing early in their relationship, replacing it with his selected outfits.