August 31, 2023


Kevin Costner's silent on 'Yellowstone' return amidst ongoing divorce drama

Kevin Costner's financial ties to 'Yellowstone' revealed amidst divorce proceedings

By George Johnson August 31, 2023
Kevin Costners Yellowstone return remains a mystery amid ongoing divorce battle.
Kevin Costner's 'Yellowstone' return remains a mystery amid ongoing divorce battle.

Kevin Costner allegedly left his estranged wife, Christine Baumgartner, in the dark regarding his involvement in the upcoming sixth season of the hit series Yellowstone.

As reported by Us Weekly, Baumgartner's attorneys claimed that Costner "refused" to engage in discussions about whether he had been offered a role in the forthcoming season or had made the decision to step away from it.

This revelation came to light in a legal brief filed by Baumgartner's legal team ahead of their pending child support hearing. 

Lawyers for Costner's estranged wife were reportedly attempting to assess his earnings, with his Yellowstone role becoming a focal point in determining their future financial arrangements.

According to claims made in the legal brief filed by Baumgartner's attorneys, Costner is said to be entitled to a portion of profit participation from the show, regardless of his involvement in Season 6 or any subsequent seasons.

Costner earned a staggering $11 million, amounting to an impressive $1.1 million per episode. 

His earnings for the fifth season reportedly totaled $10 million, equating to $1.25 million per episode. 

The uncertainty surrounding Costner's future with the series was a subject of discussion for several months, until ET Online finally confirmed that the ongoing fifth season would indeed be his last. 

Costner himself acknowledged the financial implications of leaving the show, anticipating a "dramatic" drop in his income.