August 26, 2023


Kevin Costner's ex-wife seeks $175,000 monthly child support to maintain kids' lifestyle

Kevin Costner's former wife asks for $175k per month to ensure children's lifestyle

By Madison Raymond August 26, 2023
Christine Baumgartner seeks increase to $175,057 monthly payments from Kevin Costner.
             Christine Baumgartner seeks increase to $175,057 monthly payments from Kevin Costner.

Christine Baumgartner, the estranged wife of actor Kevin Costner, is requesting an increase in child support payments from $129,755 to $175,057 per month to sustain their children's lifestyles.

The former couple, Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner are parents to Cayden, aged 16, Hayes, aged 14, and Grace, aged 13. 

According to reports from TMZ, Baumgartner has filed legal documents in which she appeals to the court to reconsider the child support payments. 

She aims to ensure their children "enjoy the same lifestyle with both parents" and cites Kevin Costner's substantial earnings as a factor in her request.

Initially, Baumgartner had sought a monthly child support sum of $248,000, a proposal that Kevin Costner contested in June. 

The court eventually approved a monthly payment of $129,755.

Baumgartner underscores in her legal filings that the children reside in a beach compound with Costner, valued between $65 million and $95 million, and often travel via private jet on vacations with the actor. 

She argues that an increase in child support is necessary "so that the children can go on comparable vacations when they are with her. 

Baumgartner's legal filings assert that the higher amount she seeks "will not be sufficient to replicate Kevin's lifestyle, but it will be sufficient to allow her to provide a lifestyle for the children which is relatively comparable."