Jamie Foxx takes holy dip in Mexico's underground rivers after health scare

Jamie Foxx was in the headlines last week due to anti-semitic comments

By Madison Raymond August 19, 2023
Jamie Foxx takes holy dip in Mexicos underground rivers after health scare

Jamie Foxx takes holy dip in Mexico's underground rivers after health scare

After suffering a severe medical issue a few months ago that had him put his entire life on hold owing to what was thought to be a stroke-like condition, Jamie Foxx was recently spotted living it up in the Mexican Caribbean.

Jamie Foxx bathed in cenotes, near Tulum

Following a post, he made on social media about his medical struggle and being thankful, Foxx was spotted on Wednesday in Tulum, Mexico, where he swam in the revered underground water-filled caves also known as cenotes.

He shared a couple of images of himself on Instagram sporting a white t-shirt and a woven fisherman's cap.

"You're lookin at a man who is thankful... finally startin to feel like myself... it's been an unexpected dark journey... but I can see the light... I'm thankful to everyone that reached out and sent well wishes and prayers... I have a lot of people to thank... u just don't know how much it meant... I will be thanking all of you personally... and if you didn't know... GOD IS GOOD... all day every day..."

Following the most recent news and the photographs that have surfaced, many have claimed that Foxx is not only feeling a lot better than previously after going through a terrifying experience but also looks better.

Foxx went to the appropriate hospitals, had some of the greatest care available, and then had to go to rehab and recuperation programmes.

Foxx's friends and family expressed their admiration for him in the post, including Octavia Spencer, Patty LaBelle, and others like Jeremy Renner who also had to make a long recovery from a devastating ploughing accident.