Rachel Zegler backlash sparks concerns for Disney's 'Snow White'

Rachel Zegler 'hate' for original 'Snow White' movie stirs backlash

By Ellen James August 16, 2023
Rachel Zeglers remarks on Snow White remake trigger concerns over ticket sales, say branding experts.
Rachel Zegler's remarks on 'Snow White' remake trigger concerns over ticket sales, say branding experts.

Snow White live-action remake featuring Rachel Zegler, faces potential ramifications on its ticket sales due to the actress's recent remarks, according to branding experts. 

At 22 years old, Zegler's admission that she 'hated' the original 1937 Snow White movie, deeming its storyline 'weird,' and characterizing the Prince as a 'stalker,' has stirred a significant wave of backlash.

Scheduled for a March 2024 release, the lavish Disney production is now grappling with a challenge that necessitates immediate attention. 

Industry observers predict that executives are likely to engage in 'crisis talks' to address the fallout from Rachel's unfavorable stance on the beloved classic.

She shared her perspective on her portrayal of the character, emphasizing that the revamped Snow White wouldn't be reliant on a prince for salvation and wouldn't be fixated on the notion of true love.

However, the reception to her statements has been mixed, with some critics labeling her a 'fake feminist' and accusing her of 'gaslighting.' 

A marketing consultant Carla offered insight that while Disney aimed to project empowerment through the revamped Snow White portrayal, they might have overlooked the potential consequences of allowing their stars to express personal opinions that could stir backlash. 

According to Carla, Disney needs to carefully guide their actors in adhering to key messaging during promotions, lest the negative backlash escalate and impact ticket sales. 

She suggested that Rachel Zegler should clarify her stance and reiterate that her remarks were personal opinions rather than critiques of women's roles. 

PR expert Nick Ede echoed these sentiments, suggesting that Rachel Zegler might not be the best choice for promoting the film, given the ongoing controversy.