August 04, 2023


Tony Bennett final words before death REVEALED

Tony Bennett died on July 21 at the age of 97

By Jean Valjean August 04, 2023
Tony Bennett final words before death REVEALED
Tony Bennett final words before death REVEALED

Tony Bennett was filled with love for his widow, Susan Benedetto, during his final moments in this world.

Susan and her son Danny sat down with Today’s Hoda Kotb to reflect on better memories with the late singer on the occasion of his 97th birthday on Aug. 3.

Bennett was announced dead on July 21 in New York City. While the cause of death is currently unknown, the Body and Soul singer was battling Alzheimer’s disease for the last seven years.

"That he loved me," shared Susan, when asked about Tony’s final words. "Yeah. He would wake up every day and still say that. He woke up happy every day. Even if he had had a bad day or night, he didn’t remember it."

"That was the only blessing. He woke up happy. And he’s just like, 'Susan. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me,’" she continued. "And he would say that to me all the time."

Tony and Susan tied the knot in 2007 after being together for 20 years. The latter was just a fan of his music when they first met in 1966.

Despite their age gap – Tony is 40 years her senior – the twosome connected on a different level and stayed together for nearly 40 years.

Discussing their uncanny age gap, Susan expressed: "He performed to everybody. e never saw generation gaps or anything and, so, privately we didn't either. We just absolutely loved each other and he was my life."

As for his last-ever performance, Susan revealed that the late crooner helped himself to a piano during his final years and belted out a rendition of his 1952 hit Because of You.

Bennett is survived by Susan, sons Danny and Dae, and daughters Johanna and Antonia, as well as nine grandchildren.