August 03, 2023


Lizzo sued by dancers over sexual harassment and toxic environment

Lizzo faces allegations of fat shaming her dancers as Bombshell claims surface in LA court

By Samantha David August 03, 2023
Lizzo faces lawsuit from former dancers alleging harassment and hostile work environment.
Lizzo faces lawsuit from former dancers alleging harassment and hostile work environment.

Lizzo is now entangled in a legal battle as three of her former backup dancers have filed a lawsuit against her. 

The complaint, lodged in a LA court on Tuesday, accuses the renowned artist of subjecting the dancers, Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez, to a work environment that was "sexually charged and uncomfortable." 

The allegations further claim that the harassment was so pervasive that it rendered their employment conditions "intolerable."

One of the dancers, Arianna Davis, additionally accuses Lizzo of pressuring her into an unsettling situation during a night out at a club in Amsterdam, where she was allegedly coerced into touching a nude performer's breasts.

At this time, representatives for Lizzo and Shirlene Quigley, a dance captain for the singer who was also named in the lawsuit, have not yet responded to requests for comment. 

The dancers were associated with her from approximately spring 2021 to early summer 2023.

Plaintiffs claim that Lizzo paid excessive attention to the weight gain of one of them and engaged in a pattern of repeatedly yelling and cursing at performers. 

The lawsuit further alleges that she invited the dancers to events as spectators without disclosing that there would be nudity involved.

The filing also recounts specific incidents leading to the termination of two dancers. Crystal Williams was allegedly fired in a public setting by a representative of Lizzo, shortly after a workplace confrontation with the singer. 

Meanwhile, Arianna Davis was terminated for recording a meeting with her, intending to review it for performance feedback. 

This incident ultimately prompted Noelle Rodriguez to resign from her position.