August 03, 2023


Gigi Hadid clarifies 'Comeback' comment made about Bella Hadid's Lyme disease

Gigi Hadid provides clarity on remarks about Bella Hadid's struggle

By Jean Valjean August 03, 2023
Gigi Hadid addresses misinterpretation for Bellas treatment journey.
Gigi Hadid addresses misinterpretation for Bella's treatment journey.

Gigi Hadid expressed her immense pride and support for her younger sister, Bella Hadid, as she recently completed a challenging and extensive treatment program.

Gigi took the opportunity to clarify a throwback post she shared on her social media, featuring herself and Bella, after fans misconstrued her message about a 'comeback.'

In her explanation, she emphasized that her intention was not to suggest that Bella was ready to return to the runway. Instead, she wanted to celebrate her sister's strength and resilience as she continues to battle Lyme disease and undergo specialized care.

When she initially posted the photo on 26 July, she playfully wrote, "Can't wait 4 the comebaccckkkkkk." 

However, in a recent Instagram Story, she reiterated her message, clarifying that Bella had just completed a demanding and prolonged treatment for Lyme disease.

Gigi wanted to assure fans that her post was not a promise of Bella's imminent return to fashion shows this season, but rather a tribute to her sister's journey.

It was disclosed that model Bella Hadid had taken a medical leave and was undergoing treatment for her ongoing battle with Lyme disease.

Speculations about her being in rehab were addressed by a source who clarified that Bella had been on medical leave for the past four months and was receiving daily treatment for the disease.

The insider also shared that nine months ago, Bella made a personal decision to stop drinking, and she has successfully maintained her sobriety since then. 

It is essential to note that Bella's choice to abstain from alcohol was not related to any alcohol or drug problem, debunking the rehab rumors.

Both Bella and her brother, Anwar Hadid, were diagnosed with Lyme disease back in 2012.