WATCH: Cardi B throws microphone at DJ 24 hours after viral video of fan attack

Cardi B was seen hurling a mic at a DJ out of anger

Cardi B attacked a nightclub DJ by throwing a mic
Cardi B attacked a nightclub DJ by throwing a mic

While news of Cardi B throwing a microphone at a fan went viral, a resurfaced clip revealed that the rapper has a habit of chucking things out of anger.

As per a video on Instagram, the Bodak Yellow rapper was performing a nightclub set in Las Vegas and after the conclusion of her set Cardi B threw her mic at the DJ in anger.

While the reason behind her anger was not confirmed, it comes after her latest appearance caused shockwaves where she angrily threw her mic at a fan after they hurled a drink at her.

Her actions left social media divided over whether the rapper was right to act the way she did.

"Damn she tossing mics left & right," one user wrote. 

"They about to give her only headset mics from now on," another wrote. 

"So she threw a microphone at 2 dif ppl in like 24 hrs lol," a third commented.

"Is this what she does? Just throws her mic when she's upset? No control of her emotions and loses all weight of professionalism," another said. 

"I know they messing up but she gotta stop throwing that some can get hurt n sue that assault .. las vegas is messing up for her all weekend dang," a user noted. 

"Like i said, you gotta have more self control than that. People shouldn’t be able to move you that Easily on the inside," another opined. 

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