Norman Lear 'entering his second childhood' As He Turns 101

Norman Lear celebrates turning 101 with video on social media

By Samantha David July 28, 2023
Norman Lear entering his second childhood As He Turns 101
Norman Lear 'entering his second childhood' As He Turns 101

Norman Lear is over a century old now.

At age 101, Norman Lear still has a youthful spirit. The renowned writer-producer celebrated his 101st birthday on Thursday with a video message to his fans on Instagram. He said he's "living in the moment" and "entering his second childhood" as he begins his next chapter.

"Norman Lear here, dribbling a bit because he’s entering his second childhood," he said with a laugh.

"I have just turned 101, and that is, they tell me, my second childhood. It feels like that, in terms of the care I am getting. I get the kind of care at this age that I see children getting. And so, I am now a 101-year-old toddler, and I am thinking about two little words that we don’t think about often enough: over and next. When something is over, it’s over, and we have the joy and privilege of getting on to the next [thing]. And If there were a hammock in between those two words, it would be the best way I know of identifying living in the moment. That hammock between over and next."

"I am living in that moment now, with all of you," he said. "Bless all of you, and our America."

Norman Lear on WGA and the writers' strike:

Lear most recently demonstrated his support for the WGA and the writers who are on strike.

Last month, Lear wrote in a message on Instagram that he has "been, at my core, a writer."

"A writer who struggled and anguished to put words to paper that would provoke, create conversation, humanize us, help us see each other — words that would matter. I wrote in the very first year of television when writers were revered. I now watch talented writers struggle to earn a living wage without the path to a career like mine," he added.

"The stories we tell, the stories I can now watch on any device, are the stories that connect us, engage us, make us laugh and cry together, and inspire understanding and compassion. That is something to be protected and cherished," he wrote.

Norman Lear Center on Barbie:

The Barbie team was recently recognized by the Norman Lear Center for their portrayal of nonviolence in the movie's war scenario.

"We would like to praise Greta Gerwig, Mattel, and the entire team behind ‘Barbie’ for demonstrating non-violence and creativity, by replacing traditional firearms with toys and non-lethal weapons during a battle scene."

Adding, "In an era where gun violence is tragically common, this reminds us that there are countless creative ways to tell a compelling and action-packed story while avoiding harmful stereotypes," said Kate Langrall Folb, Program Director Hollywood, Health & Society, The Norman Lear Center.

She further said, "This is a true testament to the transformative power of storytelling, showing that there can be a fight scene – and triumph without resorting to deadly force."