July 24, 2023


First sign of Meghan Markle's collapse is already here

Meghan Markle reportedly is on the start of her decline since her Spotify deal ended

By Samantha David July 24, 2023

Meghan Markle has reportedly already begun to see the start of her decline

The start of Meghan Markle's end is reportedly already here. 

With her and Prince Harry's $20 million Spotify coming to an end, it was reported that the Duchess of Sussex, as per LA correspondent Ross King, has failed in her attempt to create a stable income for herself. 

King said: "The Spotify deal collapsing, it made a lot of us think: 'Is this the first sign of running out of steam for Meghan?'"

He added: "If it was working for both parties, it would not end. There's obviously been some disagreement, maybe some level of disappointment, on possibly both sides?"