July 23, 2023


Harry Styles bids farewell to 'Love On Tour' with emotional performance

Harry Styles thanks fans as 'Love On Tour' concludes in Italy

By Samantha David July 23, 2023
Harry Styles  Love On Tour concludes with touching farewell in Reggio Emilia.
Harry Styles'  'Love On Tour' concludes with touching farewell in Reggio Emilia.

After an extraordinary two-year journey that encompassed an astounding 169 performances, Harry Styles' 'Love On Tour' has reached its heartfelt conclusion in Reggio Emilia, Italy. 

The singer delivered a moving goodbye performance, expressing his love for his devoted fans.

During the emotional farewell on stage, Harry took the opportunity to thank his fans for their support, acknowledging the significance of the tour as a safe and inclusive space for many. 

On Twitter, several fans shared their joy and appreciation for the unforgettable tour experience.

One fan wrote, "this tour has been an incredible one in every aspect no matter what anyone says. it was a safe space for so many people, full of love and fantastic memories, helping countless of fans, along with amazing music, he deserves love."

The conclusion of 'Love On Tour' marked the end of two eras, leaving fans and industry insiders overwhelming of the singer's achievements. 

The hardworking crew and Harry Styles himself were celebrated for completing the record-breaking tour, which included an incredible 18 sold-out nights over three years, making it a historic milestone in the venue's history.

Praise poured in on social media, with fans expressing their admiration for Harry's dedication to his craft. 

One user marvelled at Harry's unique touch, as he debuted a special 10-minute instrumental song that he personally composed for the final evening of the tour.

The audience at the concert in Reggio Emilia, Italy, was graced by the presence of several prominent figures from the entertainment world.

James Corden, Rob Stringer, Kid Harpoon, Ben Winston, and Taylor Russell were among the esteemed attendees, contributing to the unforgettable atmosphere of the last show.