Britney Spears teases with New collaboration amidst book-focused break

Britney Spears tops global charts with new hit - #1 in 18 countries

By George Johnson July 22, 2023
Britney Spears is about to hit us with another new music.
Britney Spears is about to hit us with another new music.

Pop sensation Britney Spears gearing up to make a splash in the music world once again, but not before her highly-anticipated tell-all memoir hits the shelves later this year. 

The chart-topping singer plans to unveil her candid book, The Woman In Me, which is set to expose her challenging struggles with the conservatorship, scheduled for publication in October. 

According to insiders close to Britney, her devoted fans can expect even more excitement in the coming months, as she has an impressive treasure trove of new music, enough to fill several albums. 

The insider revealed, "As far as a new album coming out, she has a ton of content never heard already – enough for several albums. She is going to focus on her book release before tackling that though. This will be a mountain." 

But fret not, as Britney has already given fans a tantalizing taste of her musical prowess with a fresh collaboration. 

She joined forces with her long-time friend, the talented, to drop the sizzling track Mind Your Business, which made its debut today and quickly skyrocketed to the top of the charts.

According to a close friend of Britney's, she is thrilled with how Mind Your Business turned out and believes fans will love it too. 

The song's teaser was shared on Monday by, with whom Britney has a strong musical bond dating back to their 2012 track.

Scream & Shout achieved a remarkable milestone of surpassing 1 billion views on YouTube in May. 

Their partnership extends further back to the 2011 song Big Fat Bass, and served as the executive producer on Britney's album, Britney Jean.